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Employee Benefits

Does employee benefit management makes you more bamboozled than ever? If so, it’s not a new thing. We can understand this saying by the example that today a simple employee benefit program can mound up a lot of paperwork and administration problems for companies. Looking at the present situation it is more difficult in labor market for businesses to go about hiring without offering an employee benefit package. Expectations of employees have increased dramatically over theses 10years time. Also the employees that are employed for minimum wage usually anticipate receiving benefits alike to the big company employee’s receive.

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

It is hard to believe today but it s the fact that without employee benefits program it is very tough for employers to hire. But there is an other side of it also which have to be reveal. It is because of this benefit package your company is able to do competition with the others as the employees are well motivated and retains quality employees.

If you are bearing in mind offering an employee benefit package to your employees in order to stay competitive and keep hold of quality employees, it’s vital to comprehend the mechanism of a plan.

Firstly the health benefits are believed to be the focus point of any employee benefit palage. In the present day the majority employers present a option flanked by either an HMO or PPO and wrap about 80% of the premium for their employees as well as the contingent of their employees.

Finally the other part of an employee benefits package is a savings program. For instance, you might concur to donate no further than $1000 a year for each employee. That is fairly standard among most diminutive businesses that put forward this form of plan.

Several employers nowadays are keen to provide a unique package of employee benefits to gratify the rising inimitable interests of their employees. For instance, many businesses are now offering onsite child care, pet insurance, and domestic partner benefits.

Closing the Employee Performance Gap – Increasing Profits

It could be clearly witnessed that a high percentage of businesses are still inefficient today after numerous years of re-engineering, economize and the exercise of nonstop performance improvement plans bringing into effect. The main effectual line of attack to boost business performance and profits is to increase the performance of employees and research shows very little effort have been done in this area. Hoisting the level of performance of the employees who are weak and progress very slowly can ultimately make a drastic impact. Also in the process of upgrading to the newest technological change and increasing their profit margins the companies overlooks the opportunity to increase and boost up performance of staff.


Employee Performance Gap

Employee Performance Gap

The Employee Performance Gap:

According to surveys conducted the results showed grievances concerning employees that are not so productive satisfaction and some of them troublemakers.

The gap is colossal between the in performance between the best performer and worst performer on the same job. This is known as ”Performance Gap” the difference between the performances. The normal Performance Gap ratio is around 25 to 100 percentage in easy jobs but as we enter into the complex work nature the percentage goes blistering high up to 500 to 1000 percentage. Thus it is important to close this Gap which will result in high profits.

Managers and the best performers of the company have to spend a lot their time fixing and covering up the problems caused by the weakest performers of the company. This tends to create a gargantuan haul on organizational performance and dish up to de-motivate top performers.

As for this purpose it is necessary to conduct employee survey. This is the most suitable way for identifying employee performance gap. Employee engagement assessments and employee satisfaction surveys determine how affianced and pleased employees are, and spot what needs to be done to increase employee contentment and engagement. So employees that are more engaged and are satisfied work harder and smarter, they get more work done and their passion rubs off on other employees.

The bottom line is that by closing the Employee Performance Gap it allows more work to be carried out with less percentage of staff enabling to perk up the quality and customer service. To see it from another perspective there has been a research that tells us that ineffective sales calls convert into lost opportunities and about 20 to 30 percentage of company’s staff cost is spent on fixing effects and bringing back to original position if possible as it was not conducted rightly at the first instance.

Closing the Employee Performance Gap:

Here I have provided with a number of actions that can be taken to recognize and close the Employee Performance Gap.

1. Recognize the success factors and desired outcome for each position.

2. Establish and communicate carrying great weight standards of performance quality.

3. Assess staff performance based on the performance standards.

4. Discuss the performance with staff on a regular basis and then find ways in which performance is not to the mark.

5. Conducting surveys such as employee satisfaction survey and employee engagement survey to know where employees stand.

6. Provide constructive leadership and management. It is a way to identify the difference between employees as it will be providing feedbacks.

7. Provide coaching to make certain that all team members have the necessary skill sets to be successful.

8. Reinforce the recruiting and hiring procedure to amplify the odds of hiring strong performers.

9. Establish priorities that are clear and eradicate inappropriate conflicts from the work place.

Final thoughts:

So if you are successful to close the employee performance gap than you will surely be able to achieve your corporate performance improvements. There will also be customer satisfaction as they will know that the company has fielded a winning team making the customers loyal to buy the products again. Companies also should provide an environment where there is no place to veil the performance.

Your Image Reflects You – “Communication and Appearance in Networking”

Successful people believe that the reason behind their success story is attributable to a pattern of mutually valuable interpersonal relationship than from the technical skills or knowledge of a business. Your communication (the manner in which you say) and the image you present reflects what are your teachings creating the very first impression on the people you meet up and often is long lasting. So you want a professional image?


Analysing yourself once again Professionally

Analysing yourself once again Professionally

Studies at UCLA bring us the information that when we endeavor to convey meaning through the words we communicate with others, the greater part of our message is conveyed through non-verbally and through voice and facial expression. Approximately 7% of the message is communicated by words we speak out while meeting people.

Studies revealed that up to 37% of a first impression is based upon the speaker’s tone of voice. On the telephone, this percentage increases up to 80% or higher.

This means your image reflects you what kind of person you are so I am presenting you  Four major areas which have an immense impact on your image and how your professionally show yourself to others:

  • Appearance
  • Interpersonal interaction,
  • Written interaction, and
  • Networking.

Professional Appearance Counts

The usual counseling given by mentor and managers to the group who want to excel their career has always been to dress for the job you want, not the job you have currently. Even today casual dressing for work, your professional image will serve you well when promotions, choice assignments and departmental visibility, will be there to avail it.

A professional look put you separately out from coworkers who are less fretful about projecting a flourishing, professional image. Hence analyzing yourself.

Hiring Employees: 4 Things for Your Must-Do List

Right Way is the only way!

You don’t stand a chance creating a huge organization by yourself. Wearing all the hats yourself and delivering is just next to impossible so the only choice is to hire employees. Here are 4 things to put on your must-do list when hiring employees:

Make the Right Hiring Decision

Make the Right Hiring Decision

1. Create an Employee Handbook.

So why is it necessary to give a handbook? Have you ever guessed it? It’s as easy as it could get because it highlights the employee duties and your expectation from them and create a mutual cooperation. Basically it aims to sort out things between the employee and employer. I prefer it as a safety precaution however I know it’s costly but I am sure your uncle would do it cheaply for you.

2. Create a process for hiring employees.

This means making sure you get the right man appointed by asking yourself what kind of employee you want to hire. A detailed one or a creative one? It would include all the stuff such as job description job analysis, selection, reviewing, checking backgrounds and interviewing etc.

3. When hiring employees, considering the cost involvement.

The cost of hiring isn’t that simple to calculate. So if your employee is full time there will be a separate strategy than for the part time employee if any it for example for the full timers, PSP (profit Sharing Plan) or it could be SEP or IRA. Therefore it’s very important to determine this factor while hiring.

4. Workers compensation insurance.

This insurance means if your employee gets hurt accidently while performing the job it will pay the employee for the medical expenses and if God forbid the injury is a major one and you are unable to attend the job it will compensate you the days you were absent on. It is usually enforced by the every state for all the business more like a cost to bear anyhow.

Keeping all these 4 must do list in your mind while hiring employees will definitely assure you a good employee as a result.

3 Ideal Ways Of Keeping Your Employees Happy When Money Is Tight

As the world as gone into recession and not able to get out of it yet except for few countries it is a tough job in these conditions to keep employees happy. The insufficiency of capital is the major cause giving rise to this problem. So what is the solution that you need? A solid strategy.

Keeping Employees Happy

Keeping Employees Happy

Basically the strategies that are planned out are based on the size of the organization. For the small organizations  a strategy could be proposed providing cross-training to the employees making them feel essential part of the organization. But for large organizations this could not be carried out so something more appropriate measure to be searched for.

Communication is the Best Key

Asking to your employees about their job is extremely important in this scenario because you cannot tell how they feel about their job or environment. Effective communication is the key to keeping employees satisfied and happy no matter what conditions are of the economy.  Feedback, feedback is something an employer should give or provide after the work is finished by the employees as to motivate them. It helps strengthen the relationship between employees and employers. Other than this method to satisfy the employees could to have a suggestion box where employees can leave feedback anonymously or it could be by conducting regular meetings that is weekly or monthly discussing the business in casual and relaxed environment.

Foster Employee Growth and Development

The organization should conduct seminars and workshops as to foster the growth and development of the employees in both ways, personally and professionally. Thus making it mandatory for employees to attend it.

Tokens of Appreciation with a Personal Touch

Awarding to your best performers is also an innovative way letting them know that their dedication to work is highly appreciated. Awarding gifts do not have to be extra-ordinary expensive or lavish but if you can improvise it for example carving pens or desk clocks which is useful and effective way of letting the employees know that their work has been recognized thus a constant reminder. You just have think a little bit outside the box and the result will surely be in your favor.

Do you have any other ideas on keeping your employees happy in these times of hardship? Do let us know of them in the comments area below.