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Combat Stress of Being Unemployment

Do you have really good resume with loads of grades and experience and not still unemployed.  Unemployment is a terrifying dream that doesn’t end with a snap for many of us. It is a moment when all of the hard work earning those grades is of no use as you are unemployed.  But, it is not the end of the world and one should not let this one take the stress of unemployment as it would only push goals away from you.

An easy way to calm one’s mind is just to have a look around the environment. Recession is something that has hit not only you job but to the companies that you may be applying to, so don’t worry it could be things around you that cannot be controlled. So an easy way is Transferring your stress.

Distractions can be very good to lessen the stress due to being unemployed.  Involve yourself in activities that you may love or try spending time with the people you love.  Movies, music, hiking and hanging out with friends can be one of the few things that might help you relax.

Changing your state of mind by being positive and asking your family members to keep encouraging you and backing you up. Remember being positive makes you confident and this confidence can help you ace the next upcoming interview.

Remember, time is variable and it can be favorable at one time or could be unfavorable. This is something that cannot be controlled but the main thing is to be strong and face the problem right in the eye. Don’t let the stress get to your head and be confident.

Unfair and Constructive Dismissal

If you think a manager has acted unjustly in terminating someone from their work. Subsequently it you are a part of unfair dismissal. If that were the case, it is possible for you to go to the court to make case against your employer. If victorious then it may be possible for you to be awarded with damages. To find out more about Unfair Dismissal and all the actions you may take, read the rest of this article.

unfair dismissal

unfair dismissal

What Is Unfair Dismissal?

Under the Employment Rights Act 1996, your boss ought to include excellent explanation for terminating a workers agreements, and eliminate terminate deals in a behavior set by laws all over the world. Unfair dismissal hence highlights the subsequent points:-

*Your boss had no concrete reason for relieving you from your work.

Your Manager or Boss fired you for no apparent reason which can be caused due to sickness, labor unions etc

*Your Recruiter hasn’t followed appropriate methods while firing you.

What Is Constructive Dismissal?

Constructive dismissal is a form of unfair dismissal. In this situation the worker feels highly pressurized and relieves his duties due to the managers (Bosses) Actions.

Some of the following relate to undue pressure from the Managerial staff.

*persecution, embarrassment or oppression;

*Changes of occupation conditions or agreement with no discussion;

*A change in the atmosphere or position of the workplace without prior notice.

*intense punitive measures;

*individuals wrongly accused of transgression.

What Action Can You Take?

In your case, if you by chance think that even your Boss has fired you for an unfair reason or without any prior notice, then you may also go to court and file a complaint against your Company for the ill-actions that it had taken.


But, you cannot make any such accusations or claims against your Boss or company, if the following conditions are not met.

*You must have been a proper and legal worker of that company which you plan to file a lawsuit against.

*Also, you must have worked in that company for at least one consecutive year.

*You must also be young and not have been retired from that position;

*Should be working in that country (UK, USA, CANADA) Etc.;

*Your lawsuit should be filed within 3 months since the date of termination.

If you by chance are part of the law enforcement agencies such as, Police,Firefighter or even Doctors and nurses, then I am sorry to tell you, that these laws are explicitly for the public and not for you.

Before starting a lawsuit against your Boss and your company, it is always better to try and sit with them and come to an over the top agreement. In other words a peaceful act. It is always better to talk with your Boss and try to resolve the matter and you can even take the help and advice of a legal body such as a lawyer.

If that’s unsuccessful, than you can try to approach the Employment Tribunals, where they help those employees who have been fired due to no reason. Here you have a chance of claiming damages and possible winning your case, if everything is in order. Another case might be where, the court decides that you must go back and work for that company, even if you aren’t willing to.


If by any chance you also feel that you have been obstructed then you too, should seek legal and expert advice from lawyers and other professionals. The employment laws can really help you win your claim and may at times be time consuming.


Signs of Job Related Stress

Work related stress is a common problem faced by employees and can eventually lead to a burn out situations and one of the main reasons for this is that employees do not know that they are facing job stress.

Job Related Stress

Job Related Stress

I have compiled a few symptoms that stressed employees usually face in their profession:

Loss of focus

If one feels not able to focus on work and gets diverted by whatever reason, it is a definitive case of job related stress that usually leads to a failure in performing the tasks that may be allocated to oneself.

Forgetting important information

If one is forgetting important dates such as deadlines to important projects, missing important meetings or having a mixed schedules, that would mean that the employee is overburdened either with work or having different personal or professional matters at hand.

Too many errors

No human is perfect and errors are made here and then, but an alarm should rise when errors are either repetitive or too many. One would agree that errors are a part of a healthy learning experience, but making too many mistakes could be a sign of job stress.

Pain in the body

Sometimes an outdoor routine kills an employee where one has to work out. This may cause muscular pains, another symptom of job stress.

Relentless Headaches

Usually working long hours can make one’s mind stressful. Also, lack of sleep can cause serious tensions and headaches. Sometimes constant headaches can lead to half-done tasks and reduction in performance levels.


This is a problem usually every stress affected employee faces. This usually occurs due to overload of work, and a bad temper can give ones relations hinder with employees and

Losing Interest

One of the most noticeable signs is trailing interest in your work you do. Falling back on deadlines, works being tedious, being lower priority and more. This makes one an invaluable asset to the company and in future can lead to termination.

Too many holidays

When it feels like not to work on a daily basis, being lazy to work and other similar symptoms show that a person is losing interest in work. The feeling comes from deep down inside that the interest is gone. Too many can leave a red flag, and cause problems in both the short and the long term.

It is a possibility that one may face some or majority of these symptoms, if so it could be the perfect time to take some serious actions. Attack with a defined plan and eliminate the hurdles.

Upcoming we have a couple of articles on how to tackle job related stress and more.